Our OM Genetics DNA Test

What is the OM Genetics DNA test?
The OM Genetics DNA health test is a simple and non-invasive genetic test designed to reveal your genetic predisposition for developing eighteen (18) common cancers and assessing your body’s response to cardiology, pain and psychiatry medication.

You can find a full overview of the conditions that we test your DNA here.

Why should I get tested?
When it comes to health, knowledge really can be power. If you’re aware you’re more at risk for a particular disease, you may be able to take certain actions or start treatment to delay its onset, mitigate its effects, or reduce the risk of its occurring altogether.
How reliable are the OM Genetics test results?
The OM Genetics results are based on expert interpretation of thousands of DNA studies on SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), which are associated with diseases in the human body. This test represents the best knowledge currently available.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of DNA testing our state of the art lab and its personnel is highly qualified and knowledgeable in processing your DNA. Our lab is CLIA certified.

What am I being tested for?
We are testing you for eighteen (18) common cancers and assessing your body’s response to cardiology, pain and psychiatry medication. The full list of genes we test can be found here.
How often should I undergo the testing?
Your genes don’t change over time (except on extremely rare occasions), so you only need to do it once in a lifetime.

Ordering, Shipping and Delivery

How do I order?
Ordering your kit is just matter of a few mouse clicks! Simply click on the “Order Now” button and finalize your order by following our instructions. We will inform you via email when your order is on its ways to you.
Can I order the test from anywhere in the world?
Currently we are only offering our test in the USA.
How will my order be delivered to me?
We deliver and collect your sample kit via a courier company.

When you are ready to return your saliva sample just log into “My Account” and click on “Collect my sample”. Fill in the form with your details e.g. date, address and contact number, so we can arrange the collection.

How do I return my sample?
Once you have collected your saliva sample and are ready to return it just log into “My Account” and click on “Collect my sample”. Fill in the form with your details e.g. date, address and contact number, so we can arrange the collection.
Where do I place my saliva sample so it can be returned to the lab?
Your DNA collection kit was delivered inside a plastic box in which you place the tube with your saliva sample. Then put the plastic box in the enclosed envelope with our OM Genetics logo and seal it.

Now you can hand over the envelope with your saliva sample to our courier.

Please ensure that you have registered your kit before sending it back to us. You can find instructions about our registration process by clicking here.


How can I pay?
We offer you many different payment methods for the purchase of your OM Genetics DNA test – via insurance, credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer.
Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get a full refund if the kit has not been sent yet. Please contact us either via email hello@omgenetics.com or over our phone line, so we can help you further.
Are there any additional fees?
No, there are no additional charges! What you see is what you pay.
How much does the shipping cost?
The shipping and collection of your kit via courier is included in the price.

How To Use The Kit

Are my results and DNA kept private?
Keeping your results private and confidential is our main priority. Therefore, we have invested in the latest state of the art technology to ensure your personal data is protected. Your information is not shared with anybody outside the laboratory.

Furthermore, within the laboratory we use a barcode system to encode your personal information (like your name or address) from your DNA data.

Do you test my entire DNA?
No, we only test for the genes we use in our report, nothing more.


How do I provide my saliva sample?
Each kit contains detailed and easy to follow instructions how to provide your saliva sample. There are only a few things to consider:

  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes before providing the sample.
  • Additionally, do not remove the plastic film from the funnel lid.
  • Collect your saliva in the included tube with a funnel until it is between the clearly marked lines.
  • Ensure sure your sample contains only liquid saliva and no bubbles.
  • Close the lid tightly by pushing down the funnel lid until you hear a loud click. Unscrew the funnel from the tube and close it tightly with the small cap. Shake for 5 seconds.

Now you can return your saliva sample to our lab. Just ensure your sample is registered before handing it over to our courier.

Do I have to visit a doctor in order to complete the test?
No, you can complete the test comfortably from your home. Each DNA health test kit contains detailed instructions to make the collection of your saliva as easy as possible.

Sample Registration

How do I register my kit?
Before you send your sample back to our lab ensure that you have registered your kit.

You can do by clicking on the “Register your kit” button on our website omgenetics.com and create a new account. If you already have an account access your profile by logging in the “Members Area”. Then just click on “Register your kit”.

Follow our instructions and after you have successfully registered your kit, you will receive an email confirmation. The timeline in your profile will also show that your “Kit (is) registered”.

Where can I find the barcode for the registration?
The barcode is located at the bottom of the tube and is 8 digits long. Do not include the * when registering your sample.

Sample Status

How can I track the status of my saliva sample?
You can easily track the status of your sample via your Profile in the “Members Area”. You will receive an email notification from us when each step towards your report has been completed.
How long does it take to receive the results?
It takes about four weeks from the time you place your order until you receive your report.


In what language is the report written?
English, Spanish or Vietnamese. You choose! You select the language during the registration process.
How does the report look like?
When you log in your Profile in the Members Area you can find an example of a report on the main page. Once we have completed the analysis of your DNA you will find your personal report there.
Should I bring the test to my doctor?
We recommend that you consult your physician upon receipt of the report, but you don’t have to. You decide what you would like to do with your report.
What if I get negative results does that mean I’m sick?
Having a higher than average genetic risk for a certain disease doesn’t mean you have the condition or are destined to get ill. It is merely suggesting that your genetic risk is higher. Your actual risk depends upon your lifestyle and environment along with your genetic predisposition. In your report, you will find recommendations on actions that can lower your actual risk.
I don’t want to know my results for certain diseases what shall I do?
Although we believe knowledge is power we do give you the option to choose not to see the results.

Account Management

How can I reset my password?
Click on the link for “Forgot Your Password” in the Login window.

You will be directed to another site where you are requested to enter your email address. Select “Your Security Question” from the drop down menu and type in “Your Security Answer” in the below field.

Then click on the “Continue” button. An email with further instructions will be sent to your inbox.

How can I reset my password but have forgotten my security question?
If you cannot reset your password, because you have forgotten your security question please contact us via hello@omgenetics.com


How can I make contact with OM Genetics?
If you have any queries or would like to share your thoughts, comments or suggestions just get in touch with us at any time via: Email: hello@omgenetics.com Phone: 1 866 888 9990


Talk with us

by telephone (10am to 6pm) 1.833.333.8889

by e-mail (anytime) hello@omgenetics.com


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