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OM Genetics was established in California back in 2011 with the mission to make the human genome accessible, affordable and simple to the general public thought DNA testing.
Today, OM Genetics is headquarter in California, Florida and Nevada. We are a pioneering company in the field of lifestyle and healthcare genetic testing and remains ahead of the curve in the fields of science and technology.


Knowledge is power – and knowing the secrets your DNA holds can be life changing.
We strongly believe that DNA testing is the future. We believe that, as tests become more affordable and accessible to the general public, the way we deal with health problems will change, radically.
Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate, to stay ahead of the curve and will never leave you wondering if you are a priority.


We are set on a mission to take the complexity out of DNA testing. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is CLIA certified and CAP accredited. Thanks to an experienced team moved by passion and the know-how developed over 15+ years of experience in the field of DNA testing, this lab is the place where science and technology converge.
The OM Complete DNA test maps out the risk of developing eighteen common types of cancer, your body’s adverse responses to certain drug therapies and helps you adapt your lifestyle and improve your health in a way that really works for you.
The test is completely non-invasive. We use the patent-protected non-toxic sample collection kit. At the lab, our team uses APEX (Arrayed Primer Extension) technology to detect SNPs and follows well-defined protocols to get accurate results and send them to you as soon as possible, always valuing and protecting your privacy.



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